Pure, natural vanilla flavor | For use in pastry, ice cream

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Pure and natural vanilla flavour made of natural occuring raw materials. It is ideal for refining of desserts and baked goods, for making ice cream, delicious creams and fillings of any kind. The taste is aromatic and intense, very vanilla. You can use this flavour with our pure protein-powders!
Field of applications:
  • Hot and cold drinks, smoothies, shakes, refreshments
  • Pastries and desserts
  • Cakes and glazes
  • Creams and fillings
  • ice cream

Ingredients: Flavoring ingredients (natural flavors, aroma extracts). Excipients: Maltodextrin, Triacetin (1.162%), Propylene glycol (0.950%), Gum arabic, Ethyl alcohol

Recommended dosage: Baked goods: 2.0 - 3.0 g / kg, protein drinks: 1.0 g / kg or as needed. Maximum dosage (EU): upon request.

NotesDispense sparingly. NON-GMO. Allergen-free. Kosher. Vegan.
Nutritional information per 100 g powder:
Energy 1591 kJ / 375 kcal
Fat 0,0 g
of which fatty acids 0,0 g
Carbohydrates 92,9 g
of which sugar 6,0 g
Protein 0,1 g
Fibers 0,8 g
Salt and Sodium 0,0 g

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