Roasted almond kernels | Caramell

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  • Almond kernels coated with a layer of sugar
  • Sweet & crunchy
  • Ideal as a snack or in muesli

Crunchy, sweet almond kernels covered with a layer of caramel sugar - the seductively fragrant almonds are reminiscent of the Advent market and folk festival. The almonds for the roasted almond kernels are sweet almonds, as they are known from cookie baking or fine dessert cuisine. They are suitable as a snack or in muesli.

Ingredients: 68% almonds, 28% sugar, glucose syrup, sunflower oil, flavoring, emulsifiers: sunflower lecithin, gum arabic; Honey

Allergens: Almonds; may contain traces of: peanuts

Storage: Cool (10 - 15°C), dry and dark.

Average nutritional values ​​per 100 g: Energy: 538 kcal / 2253 kJ; Fat: 35 g, - of which saturated fat: 2.7 g; Carbohydrates: 39.1 g, - of which sugars: 34.7 g; Dietary fiber: 7.6 g; Protein: 13.7 g; Salt: 0.02g