Roasted almond kernels | Raspberry balsamic

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  • Almond kernels roasted raspberry balsamic
  • Sweet & tart in taste
  • Perfect as a snack or in muesli

The roasted almond kernels in the raspberry balsamic version have little to do with the christmas sugar crust. Here, the crispy shell spreads its own aroma - and that is popular. Because the fact that the sweetness of raspberries and the tart taste of traditional balsamic vinegar harmonize perfectly has also been recognized in high-end cuisine. In addition, there is the sweet aroma of the almond kernels, which is popular anyway. These roasted almonds are the perfect snack for those looking for a more special taste experience - and a wonderful gift for friends who like culinary adventures and like to be won over by new tastes.

Ingredients: 48% almonds, sugar, raspberry flavor, 1.8% aceto balsamico (wine vinegar, grape must concentrate, coloring agent: ammonium sulfite caramel, antioxidant: sulfur dioxide)

Allergens: Almonds, sulfur dioxide; may contain traces of: peanuts, other nuts

Storage: Cool (10 - 15°C), dry and dark.

Average nutritional values ​​per 100 g: Energy: 434 kcal / 1820 kJ; Fat: 22.8 g, - of which saturated fatty acids: 1.8 g; - carbohydrates: 46.9 g, - of which sugars: 44.4 g; Dietary fiber: 4.9 g; Protein: 10.3 g; Salt: 0 g